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Whether you're new to the TRDP or have been enrolled for a while, we want you to be happy about your decision and get the most from the program throughout your enrollment. Scheduling regular checkups and cleanings is just one way to ensure you are maximizing your program benefits. You can also decrease your costs even further — by up to 22% for most services — just by seeing a TRDP network dentist for your covered dental care. Dentists in the TRDP network have an agreement with Delta Dental to accept lower fees for providing high-quality, comprehensive dental care to TRDP enrollees. These fees result in lower copayments and will allow more of your annual maximum to apply toward additional care.

The chart below shows just how much you can save by seeing a TRDP network dentist for your care. The examples shown in this chart represent typical savings based on a specific location and do not depict a cross-country average; your individual savings will depend on your location, your deductible and annual maximum amounts remaining, the types of procedures provided, benefit coverage levels and other factors.

Procedure (CDT Code) Dentist
Periodic Exam (D0120) $70 100% $0 $14 $14
Bitewing X-rays (D0274) $88 100% $0 $18 $18
Adult Cleaning (D1110) $132 100% $0 $27 $27
Root Canal (D3330) $1882 60% $324 $1042 $718
TOTAL $324 $1101 $777
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