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Submitting a Claim

Participating TRDP network dentists will submit your claims for you. If you find you do need to submit your own claims, we've provided a TRDP Claim Form for you to download and complete. The Consumer Toolkit® provides you with convenient access to track and monitor your claims-related activity. Refer to the online benefits booklet for your program (Basic or Enhanced) if you need assistance in completing your claim or for the address to submit your claim.

Overseas claims for Enhanced TRDP enrollees are processed and paid according the policies outlined in the Enhanced Program Benefits Booklet. The overseas dentist should provide you with a detailed receipt for the services you received, which you should submit with your overseas claim. You can use the convenient TRDP Claim Form (PDF) and online Overseas Claims Submission Form to submit your overseas claims electronically to Delta Dental. Upon receipt of your overseas claim, Delta Dental will translate and cross-reference the services to the appropriate corresponding ADA CDT codes. Claims will be reimbursed in U.S. dollars per the exchange rate in effect on the date of service.

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