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Claims Completion Instructions and Tips

Use these tips to complete your claims and they will be processed more timely and accurately:

  • Use a laser printer with black ink
  • Use a 10 point font and all capital letters (Courier is a good font choice)
  • Use eight-digit dates (MMDDYYYY) with no spaces, slashes or dashes
  • Document exceptional or unusual circumstances only in the "Remarks" or "Comments" field of the claim.
  • Indicate fees with decimal points (for example, $100.00; not $100)
  • Indicate a quantity (the number of x-rays, for example) in the field on the claim specifically for this purpose. If the claim does not have this field, please list each item on a separate line.
  • Indicate the tooth number or letter, quadrant or arch in the appropriate field(s).

The following may cause delays, inaccurate processing and possible denials:

  • Submitting a new claim when requesting a processed claim to be corrected. It is better to make any notations, corrections and/or attach any missing information that is applicable on the EOB and submit for reprocessing.
  • Using free-form text
  • Using ditto marks or arrows to indicate duplicate information
  • Stray marks in spaces that should be left blank
  • Putting a slash through zeros or crossing sevens
  • Writing on the top of lines or outside of boxes
  • Using correction fluid or a highlighter pen
  • Using more than one font style on a claim
  • Submitting photocopied claims as they may be blurred or skewed
  • Using nicknames for either the subscriber or patient
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Our SmileWay Wellness program has information about oral health to help create added value from our dental insurance.

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