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Because our enrollees have given so much to our Nation, TRDP network dentists are committed to giving the best care at the best rate. Want to give back to our Nation's retired service members and their families? Join the TRDP Network.

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Avoid Late Claim Submission

Claims should be submitted as soon after treatment is completed. This helps us process claims more efficiently, using the patient's most current eligibility and benefits to determine payment.

Claims received more than 12 months after the last date of treatment will not be paid.

If you receive notification that no payment was made because of late submission:

  • The patient is responsible only for his or her coinsurance/copayment portion. The amount that would have been payable by Delta Dental may not be charged to the patient.
  • If late submission occurred because of extenuating circumstances (for example, the patient did not advise you sooner of the existence of coverage), you may request reevaluation of the decision to disallow payment. Submit a written statement and include all relevant information.
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Our SmileWay Wellness program has information about oral health to help create added value from our dental insurance.

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