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  • “Financial literacy” applies to dental coverage, too

“Financial literacy” applies to dental coverage, too

April has been designated as Financial Literacy Month, making it the perfect time to consider the “dollars and sense” of enrolling in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP).

For the average amount that a single TRDP enrollee currently pays in annual premiums for Enhanced Program coverage, the TRDP covers two routine exams, a set of x-rays and two cleanings at 100% of the program’s allowed amount. The average amount that you would normally pay for these services if you didn’t have dental coverage is offset enough by your TRDP coverage to put significant savings in your pocket.

By seeing a participating TRDP network dentist—who has agreed to accept reduced fees for providing services to TRDP enrollees—you can lower your copayments by an average of 22% and maximize the amount you save on your dental care. Besides putting more money in your pocket, seeing a network dentist gives you value-added peace of mind, with no claims paperwork to fill out, no bills to worry about (other than your applicable copayments and deductible), and no doubts about the quality of your dental care.

Find out more on this website about how you can save money with the TRDP.

Last updated April 2017

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