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Choosing a Dentist

With participating network dentists in locations nationwide, Delta Dental offers TRDP enrollees many great network dentist options s to choose from. Enrollees will save an average of 22% when seeing a network dentist!

In addition to accepting reduced fees for providing the same great dental care, participating network dentists have agreed to provide other value-added services for TRDP patients that enhance your enrollment and help maximize your cost savings. For example, TRDP network dentists will:

  • Prepare and submit all your claims paperwork for you.
  • Submit a predetermination of cost for more extensive treatment.
  • Accept payment directly from Delta Dental.
  • Abide by Delta Dental's standards for dental care, which are among the industry's highest—ensuring quality you can count on.

To find out if your dentist is already participating in the TRDP network, use the online Dentist Directory's easy "Search by NAME" function. If he or she isn't a member, let us know. We can invite your dentist to join the network.

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