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Printing a TRDP Enrollment Card

Enrollment cards are not necessary to obtain your TRDP benefits. However, you can print your card if you wish by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to MilConnect.

  2. Review the “Self-Service Consent to Monitor” agreement and click OK to acknowledge your consent.

  3. Log on with your DoD Self-Service Logon (DS Logon) Username/Password, Common Access Card (CAC), or DFAS (MyPay) Account Login ID/Password.

  4. Under the “Correspondence/Documentation” tab drop-down menu, click on “eCorrespondence.”

  5. Click on the “TRICARE Dental Enrollment Card” link (PDF) to download and print your card.

Currently milConnect works best with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

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