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The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) reduces your total annual out-of-pocket expenses for routine dental care and saves you money when it comes time for more extensive—and expensive—dental treatment.

Save Money with the TRDP

Learn how to save on your out-of-pocket costs when visiting a TRDP network dentist.

Save Money: See a Network Dentist

Maximize Your Benefits

Did you know that you can decrease your copayments for dental care just by seeing a TRDP network dentist?

TRDP network dentists have agreed to accept fees lower than their customary fees while still providing high-quality, comprehensive dental care to TRDP enrollees. These fees result in lower copayments and will allow more of your annual maximum to apply toward additional care.

In the chart below are examples of the savings you could receive when you see a TRDP network dentist. The examples shown in this chart are intended only for the purpose of demonstrating savings based on one location and not an average across the country. Your actual dollar amount saved and percent of savings will depend on your location, your deductible and annual maximum amounts remaining, the types of procedures, coverage levels and other factors.

The chart below shows just how much you can save by seeing a TRDP network dentist for your care.

Procedure (CDT Code) Dentist
Periodic Exam (D0120) $70 100% $0 $14 $14
Bitewing X-rays (D0274) $88 100% $0 $18 $18
Adult Cleaning (D1110) $132 100% $0 $27 $27
Root Canal (D3330) $1882 60% $324 $1042 $718
TOTAL $324 $1101 $777

1 Individual savings will vary depending on location, deductible/annual maximum amounts remaining, types of procedures, benefit coverage levels and other factors.

Added Value

In addition to the dollar savings you will receive, the TRDP network dentist agrees to the following network rules:

  • Submit pre-treatments for expensive and/or extensive treatment when requested;
  • Complete and submit claim forms to Delta Dental at no charge to you;
  • Charge only the applicable estimated copayment at the time of service;
  • Accept the "allowed fee" as the maximum billing fee for covered services;
  • Accept direct payment from Delta Dental (Delta Dental sends the benefit payment directly to the dentist and sends you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) noting the allowed amount, the Delta Dental payment amount and your copayment);
  • Participate in Delta Dental's quality-of-care provisions; and
  • Provide additional information such as x-rays, clinical information and other documentation (coordination of benefits) as necessary.

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